Offer Experience “Harvest Day”

For stays of 7 consecutive nights, to be performed in the period between 20th of August / 12th of September (*)

Harvest plan:

– Meeting at 07:00 a.m. in the day chosen for the harvest, at the place indicated by the staff;
– Information, guidance and coordination with our winemaker, or with the managers of the company;
– Beginning of the Harvest 7:20 a.m.; harvest of the grapes and the harvest related activities; Water and fruit juice to quench your thirst will be offered by the company during the hours of the harvest
– End of the grape harvest in the vineyards around 11:30; Participants will have a bit of time to relax and cool off;
– 12:45 harvest toast with a glass of wine produced by the company within the estate park
– 13:15 Harvesters lunch with simple and traditional Tuscan food.
– 14:30/15:30 What happens in the cellar; explanation of the processes and activities in the cellar on the day of harvest. Glimpse of the grape must just produced from the grapes harvested from you;
– 15:30/19:00 Free time to relax yourself in your lodge or have a bath in the wonderful Baratti Gulf
– 19:30 Appetizer in the vineyard, convivial moment at the end of the day; you receive a personal participation certificate at the harvest 2017 and by them every harvester will receive free, 2 bottles of the new vintage with the grapes harvested during the day. The bottles will be send at your address after few days of the new year bottling.

Extra pay for the Harvest’s day, € 95,00 per person

*Program dates and times areindicative and could be modified according to technical-agricultural and forecasting  requirements.

Rules about the offer harvest experience:

– Offer conditioned to the availability of lodges
– The day of the harvest can not be previously established; the farm decided to produce their own wines in search of the highest quality; this does not allow us to be able to program a harvest day with great anticipation but the daily control the optimal time to harvest the grapes (the date will be communicated to the participants with a maximum of two days in advance). The repetition of the harvest days in the farm, during the selected period for the experience offer, however, guarantees participants 1 harvest day in the week booked.
– Country clothing. Recommended knit light cotton short-sleeved or long shirt, multi-pocket pants down, walking shoes, protective gloves, hat to protect from the sun during the hottest hours, sun protection.


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